Sunday, October 12, 2008

Definition of terrorism

Who do you think is a bigger terrorist, the person who throws a bomb and runs away or get blown up or the cowardly idiot who come with a mob of 100 to rape and burn? Guajarat muslims were terrorised by terrorists who raped and murdered with support from Government and police.

How can you complain of terrorism when you cannot see how terrorised Gujarat Muslims or Orissa Christians were. Sikhs, Jains, Budhists, Scheduled Castes and tribes, it is your turn next.

Who gave shelter to who

There was a 'secular' writer who wrote that Hindus gave shelter to other religions. I do not understand what he meant by shelter. Nobody gave me any shelter. It is my land  and land of my forefather's. I do not need any shelter in my home. Why are people confusing religion with race? If it is my choice to be Christian, who are you to tell otherwise?

Ksheera Saagara Madhanam - Polarizing a nation

There is a clear strategy by the Hindu fanatic to polarize India. They want to divide and rule over India unquestioned.

Strategy is very simple.
1. Attack Christians in small scale
2. Moderate Christians will become polarized and will react to events like an insecure person
3. Now this makes the moderate Hindu polarized when they see the Christian reaction to innocent comments/events.
4. Now this will polarize the Christians more
5. Chain continues and you get a polarized nation.

This is what happened to Muslims and the Hindu fanatic is happy to see the polarization. Now they can use the religious card at their will so that moderate Hindu voters are forced to vote for them. They enlarged the Hindu definition to include Scheduled caste and tribes. Buddhism could not survive the onslaught of Hinduism preached by Hindu missionaries like Adi Shankaracharya and now suddenly Buddhists are Hindus. How can you not see the hypocrisy?