Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Economic intervention by government to protect interest of the rich

Current economic situation is created by extreme greed. By reducing interest rates governments of the world is creating another bigger bubble on top of this bubble.

Commodity prices are very high in most parts of the developed and developing world and this price is kept high using debt money. Rather than letting this bubble burst governments are helping the greedy real estate agents to keep the prices high by allowing them to refinance their (bad) debt. They are taking risk on my money in banks to keep prices high and sell it to me and government is colluding with them. If government is free and fair, it let the banks take over assets of the covered-under-debt realty companies.
When government intervenes and helps the economy it is just helping the rich and greedy.

If government wants to help the economy it should increase taxes (tax base) and spend on infrastructure projects directly.

Minimum education for lawmakers - India and Pakistan

In Pakistan only graduates can be member of parliament. Wonder how many Indian parliament members will get disqualified if this law is applied to India.
Graduated member of parliament can understand laws better, but on the other hand graduates do not represent the people of our country. Can only the poor(?) and uneducated MPs represent the poor and uneducated people?.
To clarify, the law for minimum education was brought by Musharaff. Pakistan president is only High School pass, and he is thinking of repealing the amendment for minimum education so that he can become prime minister. Democracy is crazy.

Jesus and the Capitalist elite

Jesus always opposed the rich and capitalist elite of the society. Jesus was a socialist and kept company of the downtrodden and was punished and crucified by the capitalist elite of the society.
The same capitalist elite later took over Christianity and made it a religion dominated by rich. Religious heads of Christianity travelling in expensive cars, wearing expensive showy clothes and living in palaces with servants to take care of their whims and fancies do not represent Christianity. Pope sitting in vatican is biggest known example. God have mercy on them.
This comment is prompted from the following news article in which a Muslim website said that Jesus would have been jailed. For once I agree with them although I could not find the original article.
When I say Capitalists, I mean the greedy rich.

World problems - Creation of American hawkish policies

List major problems faced by world, and you will see how the root of the problem is caused by high-handedness of American arrogant presidents.
Nixon in his arrogance called Indira Gandhi an old witch and supported dictator Yahya Khan. World's greatest democracy, selling packaged democracy to world, supporting a dictators just to oppose communism. Nixon's arrogance reached height in which he sent a Nuclear ship to Bay of bengal. That is when Lion of India, Indira Gandhi decided to pursue nuclear option.
(Those were the times of pure patriotism, state of politics in India is now worse. I do not feel that patriotism any more. Patriotic line is hijacked by the fascists(BJP and their politics of polarization), that makes me feel that anything patriotic is related to the fascists. )
Henry Kissinger ( Nobel Peace price Winner) is another [expletive] who is to be directly blamed for problems in the world. US presidents thought they can meddle everywhere and that they were powerful. Hope Obama understands that hawkish policies are wrong and reign in Hillary Clinton. And hope world will give America and Obama a second chance.

Henry Kissinger - Crimes against humanity

If Osama bin laden is chased by America, why Henry Kissinger is left to walk free.
He is a nobel peace price winner, but is the direct cause of millions of death in Chile, in Vietnam, in Combodia, and in Timor-leste.
September 11 is not just the day when America was attacked, it was the day when Augusto Pinochet(with America and Kissinger support) came to power overthrowing a democratically elected socialist government.
If Henry Kissinger is to be left free, Osama Bin Laden also should be free.
Let Bush be the last hawkish American President.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Black skin, Muslim father, Christian faith, white mother, Socialist thoughts in a capitalist country - He represents diversity. The suffering of world today is caused by intolerance and fascism. Hope Obama era brings tolerance and peace to the world. I strongly recommend Gandhian ideas for Obama.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Boost to economy, Interest rates, Debt restructuring

I am not an economic expert, but I am a saver and pay a lot of tax. Here are my views on the economic situation and how it affects me.

First of all I think world economy is in a mess that can be untangled by any regulation or restructuring. Years of greed by rich men across the world has lead to this situation. It is really crazy how they made the poor and working class work hard for money that does not exist. It is just a matter of time before this will all come down.

Governments all around the world is planning to boost their economy and India is also planning to do it. It is classical story of ant and the grasshopper. I was always an Ant working hard to save money and always avoided a loan. It is the unwise, greedy and irresponsible people who lived beyond their means and drown themselves in debt. The irony is that the only way to boost the economy is to support these grasshoppers to loan more and spend more. They are spending my money and in the end they get benefited. Do you really think capitalism is helping competition? Isn't it rewarding greed and irresponsibility.

Realty sector all around the world is inflated and this is forcing people to take huge loans and work all their remaining lives as bonded labors. If a middle class person believes that he should live a free man, and decides he won't take a loan he cannot afford to compete with the irresponsible who live on loans. The irresponsible take huge loans and buy commodities (houses) and due to this the commodity price increases and the saver suffers because he can never afford the higher prices. This is no demand supply, this is called living beyond once means.

When market is collapsing big constructors are holding back on price cuts. How can they do it? Yes they can do it with my money. All big constructors have taken huge loans from banks (my money). Banks are not going ahead to reclaim the bad loans, instead they are restructuring the debts. In the end this means that the constructors are keeping the prices high using the money that I put in the bank. Do you think this is fair? This is capitalism as practiced in the world. Let me clarify this is not free market economy either.

We are sure living in a crazy world. World need to pass through anarchy to come out of this mess.