Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lokpal, Anna, Democracy and Opposition

During my interaction with those supporting and opposing Lokpal, Anna, Democracy, Right to dissent, etc, I realized there are 4 different groups here. One person can be part of one or more groups.

Number 1: Those who believe Anna is pure and want whatever he wants.

This group do not understand Lokpal or what the issues are. They know that corruption need to end and think Anna knows what needs to be done.

Number 2: People who genuinely think Lokpal is going to solve corruption and thinks Anna’s version is the right one

This group starts with the previous group. Most people in this group are mainly from the previous group, but think they know what Lokpal bill is all about.

Number 3: People who think Anna’s bill should be tabled in parliament by government.

They want parliamentary process. The democracy supporter, those who want the bill to be discussed.

Number 4: People who do not care about Lokpal Bill, but think Anna’s arrest is wrong

This group can contain people who are against Anna’s lokpal bill as well as those who do not care. They thought government didn’t do it right to arrest Anna. This also consists of the group that thinks that Government should have played the game better not to arrest Anna at that time and with tact.

Number 5: People who are against this government for political reasons.

This group can be both the BJP supporters and others who are generally tired of corruption news of 2G and CWG. I want to separate the BJP supporter from others

Number 6: People who think Indian democracy is not working and want a change.

They are fine with even the case of democracy falls, or at least they did not think or they do not care. Can be the middle class that thinks the democracy is not going their way. [There is an ultra left wing and religious fundamentalists that always want democracy to fail] [Also there might be foreign powers that want democracy to fall or keep India under check]

Number 7: People with no interest in anything. Who are there just for the fun

The London riots kind of people. In this just for fun, nothing else to do.

Number 8: India’s main opposition party

They are a separate group because they are in multiple boats with multiple standards on most things. Their stand and needs need to be analyzed separately from others


[Coming up: Analyzing these groups and counter points for each of them. Watch this space]

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