Tuesday, December 30, 2008

World problems - Creation of American hawkish policies

List major problems faced by world, and you will see how the root of the problem is caused by high-handedness of American arrogant presidents.
Nixon in his arrogance called Indira Gandhi an old witch and supported dictator Yahya Khan. World's greatest democracy, selling packaged democracy to world, supporting a dictators just to oppose communism. Nixon's arrogance reached height in which he sent a Nuclear ship to Bay of bengal. That is when Lion of India, Indira Gandhi decided to pursue nuclear option.
(Those were the times of pure patriotism, state of politics in India is now worse. I do not feel that patriotism any more. Patriotic line is hijacked by the fascists(BJP and their politics of polarization), that makes me feel that anything patriotic is related to the fascists. )
Henry Kissinger ( Nobel Peace price Winner) is another [expletive] who is to be directly blamed for problems in the world. US presidents thought they can meddle everywhere and that they were powerful. Hope Obama understands that hawkish policies are wrong and reign in Hillary Clinton. And hope world will give America and Obama a second chance.

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