Tuesday, January 27, 2009

American Blaming China For Currency Manipulation

America and West cannot blame others for the mess they are in.

Nixon removed Gold standard. You can only manipulate a fiat currency. America manipulates the market, its interest rates, reserve ratio, etc. How do you draw a line on which intervention is acceptable and which is not? America cannot define that - quoting Obama, World has changed.

Americans evidently lived beyond their means funded by Chinese. In a normal society we call a person with such huge deficit, dependant on money from his foe, an irresponsible person. He will be cast out of the society.

Are Chinese going to buy the American treasury bond in future? That will mean that Chinese are financing the American fiscal stimulus package.

Chinese should ask America for better say in American fiscal policy, considering it is Chinese people’s money that America is playing with. It is time world force America to control its spending.

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