Thursday, January 15, 2009

Author's market outlook for 2009 ;)

If somebody believes this bull run is going to last, I am sure you will lose your money. No economic stimulus can revive the economy now. It will take much more effort than this.
Siju's market outlook for 2009 ;) (mine is as good as any expert, nobody really knows)
Sensex will touch 6K before it rises again to 8K some time in 2010. If you think you can put money in options market, it won't work as you can never time the idiocy of the market.
If you are a good with reading emotions of the market, you can make some money riding the tide. Market will fluctuate between 8K and 10K for some time before crashing to 6K. ( I know market is trading at 10291 now above my upper limit, it is time to sell all you have and wait for 9K again :))
My prediction about market is as good as any financial expert. Nobody really knows how the market will behave ;).
Disclaimer: My market predictions are not based on any real data or knowledge from any (real) financial expert or markets. It's based purely on my gut feeling. If anybody wastes money based on this prediction, author is in no way responsible for it.
Isn't it so simple to tell all crap and put a disclaimer?
What is your expert prediction for markets in 2009? :)

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