Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sri Lankan anti government journalist assassinated

CNN reports the assassination of a Sri Lankan journalist - Lasantha Wickrematunge, who predicted his murder. His article - "And Then They Came For Me." - was published days after his death. As CNN reports these killing of people who oppose government is not uncommon in Sri Lanka. Full article from guardian
The article in which he wrote about his own assassination possibilities, he mentions the "And then they came for me" poem against Nazis. Coincidence that I used the same poem referring to the Indian fascists the day he was assassinated.
Freedom of speech most valuable of all freedom and all other freedom depends on this one. Freedom of speech is important, be it communist-China,Russia, Pakistan, India, or Iran. Freedom of speech is misused by anti government or anti establishment trouble makers. Trouble is you cannot judge what is use and what is misuse. Freedom of speech can work only if that judgment is not made by anybody.
Indian government guarantees freedom of speech and most of the time does not interfere. It is the fascists in India who come in cowardly mobs that steal freedom of speech.

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