Friday, January 16, 2009

Terrorism and Freedom struggle

How do you differentiate Terrorism and Freedom struggle? How do you judge a people's struggle as terrorism or freedom struggle, without being a hypocrite?

Kashmir militants - Freedom fighters or terrorists. Trying not to be a hypocrite, I cannot judge. I am very sure they have their reasons on why they are freedom fighters and Indian side has reasons on why they are terrorists.

LTTE - India used to support LTTE/Tamil Eeelam movement militarily. India/RAW wanted full control over LTTE, but their leaders had their own mind. Again India played big brother and sent IPKF to Sri Lanka, burning their finger fighting with LTTE. These incidents lead to the unfortunate incident of Rajiv Gandhi assassination. Now, how do you judge whether LTTE is terrorist or freedom fighter? When LTTE was under Indian control it was freedom fighter, but now it is terrorist for India.

Indian freedom struggle - Indians who judge other struggles as terrorism should not forget the Indian freedom struggle from colonialism. Your right is different from somebody else's right. Your terrorist is somebody else's freedom fighter. During colonial times Bhagat Singh was a terrorist for British colonialists, but he was a hero, a freedom fighter for oppressed Indians.

Palestinian struggle - How do you judge whether Hamas/Hezbollah is terrorists and not freedom struggle?

Naxalites in India - How do you brand them as terrorists? They are struggling for a cause they believe in.

From my view, you should have same parameters for your judgment. For me any violent struggle is terrorism, starting now. There are many occasions in which people cannot express their opinion in a peaceful manner, and they are forced to use violence to express themselves. But they are still terrorist, as you cannot judge what is a just cause and what is not.

Gandhiji and definition of terrorism

When I think about these, I understand how great Mahatma Gandhi was. He was a true visionary; he understood that violent struggles does not create good nation, especially in a diverse country like India. It is sad that his non-violent approach and gandhigir is translated to cowardice by the fascists in his own country.

In this world, looking ahead to an age of violence, Gandhiji should be the role model. I believe that the world would have been a better place if Gandhiji was allowed to live some more years. Gandhiji is India's greatest contribution to the world and humanity.

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