Sunday, July 12, 2009

Western hypocrisy

Western media and governments cried foul when Iran arrested Britain’s diplomats in Iran. The same media that turned a blind eye when Iranian diplomats were arrested in Iraq by occupying American military. They made us believe that those arrested are terrorists. It is easy to call everyone a terrorist when they do not fit in the imperialist plans for the world.

I have no special love for Ahamdinejad or the Iranian government, I do not know them enough to make an opinion. If Obama, an African American, lost in US presidential elections and if the African American community in America felt that the elections were rigged by the white majority, and they started street protest, will America tolerate comments of support by world governments to African Americans?.

If West is so eager to import democracy to world, then they should first try Saudi and other American crony countries. Then you realize it is not democracy they are after, it is self preservation.

Western media is extremely biased, I am sure about CNN because I am forced to watch it. 

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