Sunday, December 2, 2007

CPM - confused comrades - N-deal, Nandigram and Taslima

Born in a communist ruled province of India, I am both pulled and pushed by communist ideology and the communist politician respectively.

Recent issues

1. Opposing the nuclear deal - Communist interests should not be above the interest of the nation. Support for communist China should not be blinding. Opposition to capitalist US should not keep us behind.

2. Nandigram - Who is communists standing for? poor, oppressed or the big corporation? How can you oppose the Gujarat carnage and support Nandigram?

3. Taslima Nasreen - You are ready to bend to the Muslim fundamentalist but criticize the Hindu fundamentalist. Taslima Nasreen is given permission to stay anywhere in India, I will expect that she can alteast live in peace in a communist ruled state.

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