Sunday, December 2, 2007

Malaysian Indians and Indian Hypocrisy - another LTTE ?

Indians comments on the internal affairs of Malaysia and it's citizens is pure hypocrisy.

Being an Indian, I know the sentiment when a foreign country comments on the plight of Indian muslims. Our standard reply is not to interfere in our internal affairs or that Indian muslims are well off that Pakistan Muslims.

What about Gujarat carnage or Nandigram. Do you want other countries to comment on them?

I think every country every citizen has a right to comment on what is happening in this world. Be it the condition of Malaysian Indians or the condition of Indian muslims or even Indian dalits. But in these trubulent times, it is wise for us not to create trouble where there is no trouble. Why create trouble in Malaysia by supporting the cause of Malaysian Tamils? Do we want to start another LTTE?

There might be official discrimination of citizens in Malaysia. This is not right, but definitely is their internal affair. India can take a high moral ground after it tackles it Modis, Advanis, and vhp.

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