Sunday, November 16, 2008

Confused Indian middle class and indian image

I always encounter Indians trying to portray an image of a rich (money) India to foreigners. They hate when photos of snake charmers and village people are shown to represent India. They want modern IT parks and 8 lane roads, Taj Mahal to be shown to represent India. This is hypocrisy.

Middle class wants to forget their roots and forget the poor in India and think that they represent India. Snake charming and the poor people represent culture in India, not the middle class.

This you can also see in the Incredible India advertisement. If you see the advertisement you can only see richness(again money), but it is the simple living and innocence of the Indian villages that is beautiful.

These pseudo patriots/nationalists are ashamed of Indian poor, but they should be proud of their roots, heritage and culture. Eating with spoons and wearing pants are not part of Indian culture. Indian culture is rich in family values and is non violent. I am proud about Indian villages and I think the poor are more happy in villages of India. I always tell my friends to visit Indian villages to see the beauty of India and never touch cities where the middle class live.

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