Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hindu Tolerance

I always get to hear about the great Hindu tolerance. I would like to break it up and understand what this is about.

First to get definition clear, who is a Hindu. This term is so unclear that Supreme court of India had to define who is a Hindu. Different Hindu fanatic groups have their their own definition to suit their needs. Indian tribes had their own religion, Dravidians in the south had their own religion. Aryan Vedic religion was conveniently adopted(forced?) by most and it is now evolving as a religion.

If the definition of Hindu is limited to the Brahmins, the upper caste Hindus, they are guilty of designing the worst inhuman racism known called as untouchability to native Indians or non Aryans. They called non Aryans as Asuras (roughly translated as devils) and monkeys. They never let them near them and never let them drink from the same well and atrocities never heard of in any part of the world. Does that sound like tolerance?

Islam came to India through Mughal emperors and rulers. Hinduism never had the opportunity to show tolerance towards them. If there was tolerance, it might have been shown by Muslim rulers. Hindus never got the opportunity to show it during the British rule.

If tolerance is about letting westerners colonialize India, I don't think that is tolerance. It was because the local kings collaborated with westerners for their convenience.

Evidence of Hindu tolerance can be seen in Gujarat massacre where thousands of unarmed human beings were raped and burnt by the 'tolerant community'. Evidence from Orissa where an unarmed, aged foreign missionary and his young sons were burnt to death. Evidence from violence against Christians in orissa and other parts of India.

Now they have the guts to justify the Hindu terrorists saying they were tolerant till now and now they are angry. Let me remind them that they were never tolerant.

Let me also remember the sensible people of India who were tolerant and was modern in outlook and it was all because of how they were brought up and nothing to do with religion.

I do not understand why I need to be tolerated in my own land. The land belongs to me and just because I belong to another religion does not mean that someone has to tolerate me. I am tolerating them in return.

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