Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Expectation from Obama

I expected much more from Obama. I though he will reduce the pomp in the inauguration, and give a more humane face to the presidency and American diplomacy. There should be strong steps from Obama if he wants world to believe that America is ready to change course from arm twisting the world. But I appreciate when he accepted that the world has changed and America cannot act like it did before.

His first act of halting the Guantanamo Bay trials sends the right messages to the world. Hope this is an example to governments and agencies around the world that these kind of high-handedness does not work. America or other world governments cannot do things based on their economic or military supremacy. Same message for those Indians who wants Pakistan to be attacked and to Israel. (I too felt India should give a reply to Pakistan, but I think it will not solve the problem)

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