Thursday, January 22, 2009

Economic criminals(Satyam's Raju), China's Tainted milk scandal

Seems like Raju is a thief.

With so much financial irregularities happening involving white-collared executives, how safe are the pension funds managed by companies?

Accused, I won't call them guilty as China's justice system is not open, in the tainted milk scandal is awarded death penalty. I agree it is too harsh, but what about the economic criminals? They are still enjoying their high salaries and probably bonus and safe with a golden parachute.

[ Pension funds managed by government agencies is fraud anyway. But most of the fraud there is because of inflation and pension funds not able to catch up with inflation without taking undue risk on the pension fund money. ]

[ Again, my point is that this kind of growth is not sustainable. There is no way out other than to let the world economy shrink, but as much as possible with a soft landing. ]

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